Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Satyam sets up COE in Japan

Satyam Computer Services is setting up Japan Center of Excellence (COE), code-named KANZEN. This COE is set up to significantly strengthen its presence in Japan.

The announcement was made on the sidelines of the inauguration of an offshore development centre (ODC) for the Japanese group Inoac Corporation by leading management exponent from Japan and CTO of Inoac, Kiichiro Ohya.

It is believed that already Satyam has initiated a process to intensify its focus on Japan by starting training for Japanese Engineering Graduates in India, building the bilingual talent pool in India and China and setting up of delivery centers at China, India (Pune) and Fukouka (Japan).

With a base of over 100 engineers in operation for the last 3 months, the Japan initiative is believed to have gained momentum. The team will be involved in program managing deliveries out of China, Japan and India. Apart from these delivery centers, the team has been successful in sourcing Japanese bilingual manpower from Vietnam.

The Satyam Japan Kanzen team will also be involved in managing the localization aspects, which include conversion of the tools within Satyam into Japanese and assist the local Japanese team in translating global case studies into Japanese.

A team of 10 native Japanese Engineering freshers` are also being trained at the Satyam campus in Hyderabad, apart from the 100 bilingual engineers set up as a part of the Kanzen team and this is likely to improve the global delivery model.

Shares of Satyam gained Rs 0.55, or 0.13%, to trade at Rs 440.00. The total volume of shares traded was 98,668 at the BSE. (12.28 p.m, Tuesday)

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