Monday, February 24, 2014

Bitcoins being accepted at Australian jeweller: Shiels Jewellers

This will be first Australian jewellery retailer to accept Bitcoin's digital currency for online sales. Adelaide-based Shiels recently joined the list and its managing director Toby Bensimon said it has been receiving one or two transactions per day through the online currency.

Shiels has an online store that conducts a large number of transactions every day. The number of sales with Bitcoin is still very small, but Sheils believes that the future  opportunities it presents are huge.&nbsp

Bitcoins being accepted at Indian online retailer Highkart will be the first e-commerce website in India to accept 'Bitcoin payment' for products. 
They sell various products across various categories including mobiles, cameras, and computers with a lot more to come.

Highkart website says that "For people who own Bitcoins, it has become more of a saving rather than them putting them into some use, as in India; there was no other option till date. We wanted people to use Bitcoin in their day to day lives, thus helping them to be less dependent on the fiat currency which is fast depreciating! And making it a commodity in process."

"With Bitcoin the number of benefits associated are many, including very low / nil transaction fees, no chargebacks and no delays for starting to accept with an unprecedented security factor.There is no need to look it at as a barrier as with technology up-gradation, advancement and acceptability it will have a much larger user base than usual payment systems. We are working very hard and with great community support looking forward to make the cryptocurrency as mainstream currency and not just virtual currency. " says Amit Kumar, the CEO of High kart

On being able to manage the volatility of bitocin Amit said "We do not store Bitcoin with us and with great support from our payment processor we are able to encash it on same day, which reduces any kind of risk involved due to volatility of Bitcoin."