Thursday, March 13, 2008

Details of scheme of de-merger of Bajaj Auto

14-Mar is the ex-date for the price adjustment and the current F&O contracts on Bajaj Auto will expire today. So, 14-Mar to 25-Mar will be a No-Delivery period. 25th March 2008 is the record date for list of shareholders to be allotted shares in the two other companies. So, from 14-Mar, Bajaj Auto would trade on the price attributed to Bajaj Holdings & Investments Ltd. (the new name for Bajaj Auto).
For every one share held in the existing BAL (future BHIL), the shareholders would continue to hold one share in BHIL, get one share of the new BAL of Rs10 each and one share of BFL of Rs5 each.These shares in new companies will be alloted in April 2008 and will get listed in May 2008.

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