Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rupee gains 0.37% to 40.62/USD

The Indian Rupee gained 0.37% against the US Dollar on Mar. 18, 2008.

The Reserve Bank of India`s (RBI) reference rate for the US Dollar stood at Rs 40.62 on Mar. 18, 2008, as against Rs 40.77 on previous day i.e. Mar. 17, 2008.

Similarly, the domestic currency appreciates 0.60% versus the Euro on the same day. The reference rate for Euro stood at Rs 64.09 on Mar. 18, 2008, as against Rs 64.48 on Mar. 17, 2008.

As revealed in the table below, the local currency rose 0.98% against the Great Britain Pound (GBP), and 0.29% against the Japanese Yen (taking into account 100 Yen).




100 YEN

March 17, 2008



March 18, 2008



Source: RBI

Note: The reference rate is based on 12 noon rates of a few select banks in Mumbai. The SDR-Rupee rate will be based on this rate. The exchange rates of GBP and Japanese Yen against the Rupee are based on the reference rate for US Dollar and middle rates of the cross currency quotes at 12 noon today.

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