Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tata Motors to build electric, hybrid cars on Nano platform

After stunning innovation of the cheapest car Nano, Tata Motors plans to build electric and hybrid vehicles using this platform.

"Tata Motors has plans to use the Nano platform to build electric and hybrid cars," Tata Group said highlighting the Innovation and Innovativeness of the company.

Designed with the transportation needs of a family in mind, the Nano is a full-fledged car with contemporary styling and spacious interiors conforming to standards of emissions, mileage, acceleration, safety and performance.

"The Nano is just not a car for Tata Motors, it is also a platform to create more high-end models that will sell for higher prices and yield better margins," a Tata Group's report on its innovations said.

The introduction of Nano was compared to that of the Ford Model T, the car that completely revolutionised the automobile industry.

Nano is also expected to create a new distinct category in the auto industry - the People's Car.

Tata Group said that Tata Motors should target exports of the car in the developing countries like Brazil, China, Indonesia and Russia, where the growth rate is more than 10 per cent.

A true Indian car, Nano has 97 per cent local content. Before Nano, Maruti 800 was the lowest cost car in the Indian market priced at around Rs two lakh.

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