Saturday, June 6, 2009

Satyam Layoffs Job Cut Rumors: may fire 14000 employees

The news is not good for the employees of Satyam, the firm which has recently made news as being the one to be headed by Ramalinga Raju, who confessed to be one of the biggest scamsters of Indian Corporate World. An Email is said to be sending shockwavews to the exisiting Satyam Employees. The recession is taking a toll on all sectors. The latest additon to the list of companies going for layoffs may be the Satyam Company. No one seems to be shielded from the effect of recession. Satyam Layoffs

How many employees will be fired in the Satyam layoffs?
As per the mail circulated among the company's associates, there could be around 13,500 to 14,000 job cuts by the company. That constitutes 14% to 15% of the total Satyam workforce.

What is the total no. of employees of Satyam?
It is learnt that Satyam has a total employee strength of around 55,000 worldwide.

When will the Satyam layoffs happen?
Though the dates of layoff are not certain, the rumors are that Satyam Layoffs may happen in next one month.

Which location will be affected by the layoffs?
No such information is available about the locations of the layoffs, but since it is reported in the email that the layoffs by Satyam may happen in 50 to 60 phases, it is learnt that all the locations may be affected.

Which domains will be afftected by Satyam layoffs?
Microsoft domain may see 900 layoffs, Same with java which may see 900 job cuts. Other biggie would be the mainframe department which may see 800 job cuts.

What is the primary reasons for Satyam layoffs?
Declining demand, no fresight of economic revival is the main reason quoted by the company for layoffs.

Any previous layoffs by the company?
Yes. There were some news of Satyam layoffs in 2008.

Any other news about Satyam layoffs
As per IndiaTimes, Though the authenticity of the mail could not be established by the staffers, it has become a matter of concern, especially for those on the bench. This is primarily because the mail includes information that is usually available only to senior HR and management officials. "The mail is rather elaborate and has data that only very senior employees have access to," said an associate. He added that such details regarding the number of domains and the headcount of employees working in each domain is available only on the 'Shine' database that can be accessed by just one group of very senior employees.
However, on receiving this mail when associates who are part on these domains approached senior managers and the HR department they were assured that the company was planning no such large-scale firing and that the content of the mails were absolutely bogus.

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