Saturday, June 6, 2009

Indian bureaucracy : worst in Asia

A POLL of expatriates working in 12 Asian countries put Singapore on top for bureaucratic efficiency. This is the second consecutive year that Singapore makes it to top of the list. The survey was conducted by Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC). Singapore had the most efficient bureaucrats, although they tended to be unhelpful when things went wrong it was revealed in the 12-page report which stated - “during difficult times - or when mistakes are made that reflect badly on the system - there is a tendency among bureaucrats to circle the wagons in ways that lack transparency and make accountability difficult.”

The survey ranked India lowest – with the least efficient bureaucracy.

The report stated that engaging with India's civil servants was “slow and painful.” The report went on to add about India's bureaucracy - “they are a power centre in their own right at both the national and state levels, and are extremely resistant to reform that affects them or the way they go about their duties”. Thailand came third in the report which went on to say that in spite of the country's recent troubles, “respondents to our survey were impressed with the way Thai civil servants have been carrying out their duties”. But the report also stated that corruption presented the greatest difficulties for Thai residents.

Hong Kong came second in the ranking while China ranked ninth.

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