Friday, February 20, 2009

Inflation dipped to 3.92%

The rate of inflation dipped to 3.92%, the lowest in 13 months.

India's annual rate of inflation continued its descent during the week ended Jan 31 and fell to 4.39 percent from 5.07 percent for the week before, official data showed Thursday.

The inflation rate, based on the official wholesale price index (WIP) stood at 4.74 percent for the corresponding week of the previous fiscal, showed the statistics released by the Industry Ministry here.

The fall during the week under review was due mainly to a 3.1 percent decline in the index for fuels, as the result of a 21 percent drop in prices of lignite, 11 percent in petrol, 8 percent in cooking gas and 7 percent in high speed diesel.

While the index for primary articles fell 0.2 percent that for manufacturing also declined 0.1 percent.

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